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Martina Olivia Koller


About Me

I have always loved being creative and getting pulled into hand made projects. I have become quite smitten with beautiful home decor, and my interest in creating things has turned

into a bit of an obsession! There is just something wonderful about taking time to throw myself into a new project and create something beautiful with my own hands.

After completing my photography studies in 2011, I decided to pursue my dreams and travel the World. Luckily my path led me to California where I found love. Since 2017,

my Californian husband with mexican roots and I settled down in Zurich,Switzerland where we enjoy the exciting changes of seasons, and a multicultural lifestyle. Occassionaly we go out on adventures where I find new inspirations and ideas, which are as diverse as we are.

In 2019, the year of the pig, I finally decided it to be a good year to  share my obsession about homedecor and handmade projects with you and the world.

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